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The Role of a Urogynecologist in Women’s Health

Many people know what a gynecologist is and what a urologist is. A urologist has a focus on the urinary system and a gynecologist has a focus on the female reproduction system, but there are specialists that have combined knowledge of both of these topics to become urogynecologists. Since a urogynecologist is a specialist in both fields, they have knowledge of both types of topics. These professionals are able to care for women with urology problems and pelvic problems. Within this article, you will find more information that will help you understand why it can be so helpful to see a urogynecologist that is based in Houston.

Urogynecologists in Houston have a lot of knowledge in urology, but they also know a lot about obstetricians and gynecologists. They know about everything that there is to know when it comes to the female pelvic region, so they can help with a lot of the problems that a woman may have at some point in her life. The training that the urogynecologists have will allow them to help with surgical and nonsurgical procedures that will allow their patients to get the results that they seek. The types of conditions that these professionals will help with will affect a quarter of the women out there at some point. For this reason, urogynecologists in Houston have a very important job.

Although surgery is often the first place that the patient’s mind goes when they hear they have an issue, there are actually a lot of interventions that can be done before surgery is decided upon. Behavioral or pharmacological treatments are also very valid options for a wide variety of illnesses. Many doctors are going to be more than willing to attempt to correct the issue with other means before they want to use surgery on a patient. One example is that doctors can teach their patients pelvic exercises that can help to correct the issue that they are facing.

You may be facing an issue that you don’t understand, so it is wise to talk with a urogynecologist to determine what is going on. Urogynecologists are trained professionals and are able to help women when they face these types of problems because they know the information that they need to know in order to help. Although many patients are going to want to first look online when they face an issue, it is always better to talk with a doctor. A doctor is going to have the ability to understand how your medical and personal history can affect the current situation that you are facing, so they will have the better answers for you that are more specific to what you are actually dealing with.

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